Hi, and welcome to Considering the Radish. I’m Allyson, the cook and the writer behind this screen. I’m a restaurant cook by profession, and I’m always seeking to marry the techniques I learn at work with my love of vegetables. My hope is that you’ll find smart, satisfying, and healthy-ish recipes here. I’m not interested in deprivation- sometimes I want a bright, fresh salad for dinner, and sometimes I want a slice of pie for breakfast. I think a healthy life has room for both and I hope you agree.

I live in Minneapolis with my husband Aaron, where we spend a good deal of our free time and money exploring restaurants and eating with friends. My favorite foods include guacamole, green tea, whiskey, bread, kale and beans, dark chocolate, ultra creamy brie cheese, and asparagus. Aaron’s favorite foods include pulled pork sandwiches, lentil soup, kale and beans, Campari, carrot cake, medium roast coffee, and hummus. When I’m not cooking or eating I can usually be found in coffee shops around Minneapolis, writing, reading, and/or people watching, and taking long walks around the lakes.

Thanks for dropping in. If you’d like to contact me, I’d love get an email from you at consideringtheradish [at] gmail . com

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  1. I noticed that you and Aaron have very different food favourites, but you both like kale and beans – a good common ground, I think. My husband (The Author) and I have differing favourites, but we both agree on Prosecco! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.


    • I have my go-to recipe, but it seems almost too simple to post. I saute kale with garlic, add in a can of white beans, (usually) toss in some pasta, and grate hard cheese over the top. It’s adaptable, and we sometimes eat it once a week.


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